[in a grocery store]
SIGN READS: dear shoppers: no discriminatory speech will be tolerated in our co-op, thx!
VILLAINETTE: erm... can i help you?
GREEN: you are fabulous!
VILLAINETTE: oh! thanks; these are just my pajamas really. i haven't even done myself up today. but... i'm so glad you like them!
GREEN: i mean your look - it's a real double-take
GREEN: [to herself] o/` i am angel! woo! o/`
CASHIER: ... that was a really clever way for her to rationalize calling you a freak to your face
VILLAINETTE: yeah. and i did a fabulous job letting her get away with it...
CASHIER: whatev. i'll double-charger her for her chardonnay in a sec.
"The Other F-word"
Monday, August 22, 2016
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