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strip.Villainette #20160829
HOTHEAD: [in a phone booth] hey wanna do a stilting gig this weekend?
VILLAINETTE: [at computer in dark room] idk - are they gonna be cool with my gender shit?
HOTHEAD: [through the phone] you'll be in costume - who cares what your gender is??
[at the party]
VILLAINETTE: [on stilts, in a costume] skree! skree!
RED: so... your costume is like a bearded lady but taller? i don't get it
VILLAINETTE: oh, um. no, i'm a beetle. i mean, i'm a transgender beetle i guess - but... the trans part is just me, not the costume - oh god... did i just break character? forget i said that, i'm just a beetle. beetles all look the same.
RED: [walking away] i don't get the beetle part yet but that's cool, bro: sideshow hermaphrodite is a totes legit costume i love it.
HOTHEAD: [to villainette] don't punch anyone, you're getting paid.
"Sequins Just Make Targets"
Monday, August 29, 2016
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